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the toy

From Vernier Software and Technology Web pages we have:

The Vernier LabPro interface is the heart of our data-collection system, offering unparalleled power, flexibility, portability, and ease of use at an affordable price. To collect data, simply connect LabPro to your computer or handheld device, plug in one of our sensors, and start the data-collection program. The program automatically detects which sensors are connected.

Use LabPro with...

Computers: LabPro can be used with Windows or Power Macintosh computers (serial or USB). Use our award-winning Logger Pro software to collect data in real time, analyze, graph, and print.

TI Handhelds: LabPro connects to TI handhelds using our convenient cradle (included), allowing for data collection anywhere in your school or at a local stream. The calculator programs are stored within LabPro, making it easier than ever to use your students calculators.

Palm OS Handhelds: With the Palm data collection kit (sold separately) and a Palm OS handheld, you get the same portability as a calculator on the highly popular Palm OS. Uploading your data to a computer for further analysis is as simple as a HotSync!

As a Stand-Alone Data Logger: In remote mode, you can take LabPro to an amusement park or local stream and collect data without a computer or handheld attached.        

the toy

From Vernier Software and Technology Web pages we have:

Using the Stainless Steel Temperature Probe with a computer:
        1. Connect the Stainless Steel Temperature Probe to any of the analog ports on LabPro.
        2. Start the Logger Pro.
        3. Using Logger Pro software, open an experiment file in the Logger Pro Probes & Sensors folder. The Stainless Steel Temperature Folder contains other experiment files and calibrations, including one for temperature in F (Fahrenheit), and another in K (Kelvin).

        Temperature range: 40 to 135C (40 to 275F)
        Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: 150C
        12-bit resolution (LabPro):
            0.17C (40 to 0C)
            0.03C (0 to 40C)
            0.1C (40 to 100C)
            0.25C (100 to 135C)
        Temperature sensor: 20 kW NTC Thermistor
        Accuracy: 0.2C at 0C, 0.5C at 100C
        Response time: 95% of full reading: 11 s
                        98% of full reading: 18 s
                        100% of full reading: 30 s
        Probe dimensions: Probe length (handle plus body): 15.5 cm
        Stainless steel body: length 10.5 cm, diameter 4.0 mm
        Probe handle: length 5.0 cm, diameter 1.25 cm

the toy

From Vernier Software and Technology Web pages we have:

Integrating real-time graphing, powerful analytical functions, and intuitive hands-on learning, Logger Pro 3 software continues to make data collection as simple as measure, analyze, and learn.

Logger Pro 3 Basics
        Measure real-life phenomena
        Analyze action and reaction
        Learn by hands-on exploration

New Logger Pro Features
        Multiple Interfaces
        Auto-ID Sensors
        Single-Point Calibration
        Video Analysis
        Export to GIS Format
        Strip Charts
        Draw Prediction
        Multiple-Page Reports

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