Perry  @ The Wheaton College Mastodon exhibit, Wheaton, IL Perry @ The Wheaton College Mastodon exhibit, Wheaton, IL

Mastodon Projects at Mastodon State Historical Site

Two projects each related to mastodons are covered in this link. One project, MP1, has the objective of finding information about the size of the mastodon replica exhibited in the Mastodon State Historical Site Museum, Imperial, MO. A second project, MP2, has the objective of finding how much mass could have been lifted by a mastodon and various other proboscidea. These top two pictures are of Perry. Perry moves around The Wheaton College Mastodon exhibit, Wheaton, IL. Perry helped me with lots of the graphics on this set of projects.

Principia College Mammoth Dig, Elsah, IL Principia College Mammoth Dig, Elsah, IL

Coordinate Grids In A Mammoth Dig

Project MP3 is about placing a coordinate system on a region. As in these pictures, a coordinate system may help identify objects in context to each other.

Principia College Mammoth Dig, Elsah, IL for your classroom projects. Teachers and students are welcome.

Troodon Eggs At Museum Of The Rockies, MSU, Bozeman, MT ... Anne Teppo, MSU, Bozeman, MT

Montana's 150 Million Year Time Port

Anne Teppo coauthored a Mathematics Teacher article about troodon egg location in a nest. For project MP4, find and report on this article and discuss the mathematics involved in their work. is a draft but find the Mathematics Teacher article for this project.


Big Mike Montana

Big Mike guards the Museum Of The Rockies on the MSU campus in Bozeman Montana. Museum Of The Rockies staff directed us to several dinosaur field stations of which we toured:
Two Medicine Dinosaur Center in Bynum, MT. We saw lots of exhibits including an accurate 137 foot long seismosurus model.
Dinosaur Field Station, Malta, MT. Leonardo, a duck billed dinosaur, is a 77 million year old Montanan staying with many other fossils in this station. The fine detail in these brachylophosaurus fossils and learning how Bryce, Ronda's son, became famous on one dig will make your day. You may find Bryce's story on the Web.
Dinosaur Field Station, Fort Peck Paleontology, Inc., Fort Peck, MT. Where ice age and dinosaur fossils keep PECK'S REX company. Known for the T.rex "pinky" find. Here are some pictures from Fort Peck.

Ft. Peck, MT Fort Peck, MT Ft. Peck, MT
You may have a some extra credit project, MEC4, points for finding information about the Big Mike replica of a T.rex. and information from the other three Montana dinosaur stations listed above. The information should include: height, length, weight, material, time scales, who did the replication or exhibit work, etc. and other information you find interesting. Check with your instructor about the amount of points and grading code before starting.

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