Principia College Mammoth Dig Principia College Mammoth Dig

Principia College Mammoth Dig

Faculty and students make preparations to remove mammoth bones from the dig to the Science Building laboratory.

Powder Valley 1/2 scale keelboat Powder Valley map

Lewis and Clark Related Projects

Powder Valley, 11715 Cragwold Rd, Kirkwood, MO, is the starting point for our investigations. Today, global positioning systems, GPS, guide us around the earth. Related Projects Principia College Mammoth Dig

Web Page Picture Coordinate Mapping

Linking Web pages through picture coordinates exemplifies how coordinates can help an information world navigate.


Equipment 3D MAP

Radiation Therapy Coordinate Mapping

Treatment preparation for radiation includes many determinations. To name a few: volume treated, dose to give with fractionation schema, field geometry, beam modifying material, and producing correct isodose distribution are among these determinations.

Equipment 3D MAP Radiation therapy technologists, dosimetrists, physicians, physicists, nurses need to know about related technology. Equipment connected to computers that help identify and record data present information to professionals that they then check. Equipment connected to computers may play a role in a treatment.

A Few Related Determinations


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